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The five most expensive smartphones in the world

The five most expensive smartphones in the world

They bring luxury to your fingertips – and you really wouldn't want to accidentally drop one of these phones onto a hard surface. 

Handsets made out of gold and platinum, boasting everything from diamonds to 200-year-old African Blackwood, can cost up to £10m ($12.36 million). They are generally made in very limited runs, for obvious reasons.

So here they are – the five most expensive phones on the market:

1: iPhone 5 Black Diamond

An unnamed Chinese businessman splashed out on this £10m iPhone, which is made of solid gold and features more than 650 diamonds, including a 26-carat black diamond as the home button. It was created by Stuart Hughes, a British designer.

2: iPhone 4s Elite Gold

Is £10m too pricey for you? Well, perhaps this one will be more within your range. For a mere £6m ($7.4 million), you can have a phone boasting 500 diamonds, a 24-carat gold logo and a compartment including, it claims, pieces of a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone. Who hasn't wished for such a feature?

3: Supreme Goldstriker iPhone 3G 32GB

As well as the popular use of diamonds and gold, this baby has a chest carved from a block of granite and boasts Kashmir gold with an interior lining made of nubuck top-grain leather. It costs around £2.6m ($3.2 million).

4: GoldVish Le Million

Despite being designed 11 years ago, this striking, gaudy handset (pictured above) is still worth more than £1m ($1.23 million). On launch, it earned a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records and production was limited to just three models. It has a solid gold body littered with diamonds.

5: Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Designed by luxury accessories-maker Peter Aloisson, this handset includes "powerful encryption technology," which its manufacturers say protects against kidnapping and technological blackmail. It also features rose gold and includes 50 diamonds, a fifth of which are rare blue diamonds.